Activation Server

The online license server provides account-based license management with the solution for automatic online activation, web activation, ecommerce integration.
Activation Server

Key Features & Benefits

Activation Manager
Activation Manager is a web-based backend application that allows you to administer the Activation Server, and manage the activation accounts and the product catalog. For example, enable/disable accounts, limit the number of activations, allow license upgrade, etc.
Activation Web Service and Client
Activation Web Service is a web service application that handles licensing and provides automatic activation to the protected application. Activation Web Service provides methods that allow the Activation Client to communicate with the activation server to exchange information, to issue the License Key on-demand, to activate/deactivate the protected application, etc.
Automated License Management
The Activation Server includes the solution that can automate the whole process of licensing your software. The solution offers the users the simple and easy way to activate the software, upgrade the license, transfer the license, etc. at any time and automatically.
KeyGen CGI
The KeyGen CGI provides an interface between the Activation Server and the third party ecommerce providers. As soon as the payment is authorized, the provider can call the KeyGen CGI to issue the Acitvation Key on-demand. The issued Activation Key as well as the user information will be saved in the database. The Activation Key will also be returned to the provider to be emailed to the user automatically. The KeyGen CGI is compatible with the leading e-business solution providers including PayPal and Share-it. The full source code of the KeyGen CGI is provided. So you can customize it to interface with any ecommerce providers as well.
Full Source Code Provided
The Activation Server solution is fully customizable. All of the source code are provided so that you can customize it to meet your specific needs.
Technical Specifications
System Requirements:
Windows IIS server
.NET Framework 4.5
MS Access database
Permissions for .NET DLL, /bin folder
.NET Full Trust Level
Activation Server Features
Database Tables:
Accounts - Manage user accounts
Products - Manage product licenses
Upgrades - Manage upgrade licenses
Control - Manage offline activation
History - Display activation logs
Permissions - Manage user permissions
License Activation Services:
Single activation
Multiple activations (replacements)
Activation policy (hardware verification)
Deactivation & transfer
License validation & blacklist
License removal verification
Ecommerce Integration:
Interface up to 4 ecommerce providers