I found a cracked version of ElecKey is available on the Internet.

First of all, please be awared that most crack and keygen download websites could be malware and dangerous software such as the link you sent us.
To protect against cracking, we constantly improve our system with different techniques and algorithms to make cracking extremely difficult as possible. However, it cannot be guaranteed if one real crack could happen in the future - no other products would guarantee that either. If a customer report to us with a keygen that actually works, we will certainly be able to investigate into the details and issue a patch to fix and enhance the security measures.
There is one prominent security feature already in place with the Activation Server solution called "Genuine Validation". It provides extra security to protect the application against crack and keygen. It can determine if the license is activated properly by the Activation Server via online activation (or offline activation using License Key). If the license is activated by the keygen, the application will not pass the genuine validation, you can set an action to respond such as invalidating the license.