How reliable is the unique ID in the USB License Key?

ElecKey does look for a unique ID in the USB drive as one of the properties in making the USB dongle. We have tested a variety of USB drives from major USB flash drive vendors in the market and found that they most meet the needs of our techniques to make the dongle. We recommend that you use flash drives from well-branded, trusted companies such as SanDisk, Kingston, Lexar, Transcend, etc. to ensure high quality and reliability of the USB dongle.
However, please note that we cannot determine the compatibility from general USB drive specifications since it depends on internal implementations. If you may use USB drives from non-major brands, OEM, or even making a large volume, it'd always better to try the USB drive in real tests to determine the compatibility.
You can run a test by using USB LicenseKey Manager to make the USB drive as a dongle. Then, you should try the dongle on a different machine and see if the protected application can run properly. This simple test will ensure that a USB drive is compatible with the ElecKey system for making the dongle.