How do I use Key Values in my code?

To use Key Values, run ElecKey Integrator. In the Key Options dialog/Key Value tab, click the Generate button. 10 key-value pairs will be randomly generated. When you finish, you will get a Log file containing the Key Value Code and Key Value as follows.
Key Value:           52868:15429, 64478:31470, 45786:9717, 720:6906, 50900:17871, 56308:35623, 6680:12796, 61328:5195, 56987:45950, 39088:53294
In your code, put the Key Value to KEY1 - 10 and VALUE1 - 10 e.g.
public const ushort KEY1 = 52868;
public const ushort VALUE1 = 15429;
Then, put the KeyValueCode to the KeyValueCode property of the KeyCheck object e.g.
In the code example, it checks the Key with a random Key Value. When receiving a returned Value, it is then compared and verified.
You can find the code examples in the Examples folder, under the Secure sub folder, e.g.