How do I make the Instant KeyCheck API example work?

The steps will be as follows.
You use ElecKey Integrator to create the SIF file that specifies the protection settings. Next, replace your unique Key ID in the code. In addition, you must replace the Program ID (Module ID if used) as same as the ones you assign in the SIF file. For example,
Kc = new InstantKeyCheck();
Kc->KeyID = 1111111111; // <--- Replace your Key ID.
Kc->ProgramID = 0;        // <--- Replace the Program ID the same as Program ID in the .SIF.
Kc->ModuleID = 0;        // <--- Replace the Module ID the same as Module ID in the .SIF.
Kc->AppPath = string(FileName);
Kc->SystemImageFile = string(AppDir) + "\\Prg0.sif"; // To use System Image as a SIF file
For more info about the Instant KeyCheck API, see the Help topic:
Protecting Windows Apps > Instant KeyCheck API