Do you plan to support code protection for Mac in the future?

In today environments, using the API appears to be a more efficient way to protect applications and enforce licensing. This is because OS platforms are getting more diverse. Especially for macOS that is not so backward compatible, there is a risk of the issues that the wrapped application can't work across different OS versions. Also, there is an issue of false positive detection by anti-virus. As different anti-virus software use different algorithms and techniques to examine the executable, it is not possible to make the protection wrapper to avoid false positive detection to the wide variety of anti-virus software. Given the above reasons, we have no planfor code protection in Mac OS X at the moment, unless we find a really good technique and solution to overcome the issues in the future.
We suggest that you use Code Signing to detect any change to the application. This will be done at the OS level that you can ensure compatibility across different OS platforms. You can find more details from the link below.