Can our customers manage their licenses? Or is this custom code we would have to write?

Our online license server solution is called the Activation Server. It provides the web services for communicating with the protected application, and the web app called Activation Manager that allows you login to manage licenses for your applications and customers. The demo Activation Server is available online at:

Username: Administrator

Password: Administrator

For customers to login to manage their licenses, please see the link below.
The above includes several examples.
Click the Register button will take you to the demo PayPal payment.
Provides license upgrades. You may try enter an Activation Key and click the Check License button. The page will check the available upgrades for such account and also display the Buy Now buttons.
Provides web activation. In case the PC doesn't have an Internet connection. The user can use any devices to get the License Key from the web.
My Account
Allows the user to login to view the account and license info. Try enter the Activation Key B185-D191-00A7-C09A-4B33
Our Activation Server includes the compiled software and the full source code that you can customize it as you want.