Can a user delete the local Key using Key Inspector of the ElecKey evaluation, to re-use my trial application?

ElecKey is a software security product. There are various security measures in place to the protect the system against any security breach. One of the measures is that each ElecKey copy is a unique system.
The ElecKey software must be activated (either evaluation or registered license) before use. The activation process embeds a unique Key ID to the ElecKey system. This means all your ElecKey tools (ElecKey Integrator, LicenseKey Manager, the Inspector, ....) and the protected applications, end-user utilities have the unique Key ID embedded. Each ElecKey system can only work and see each others under the same system (i.e. same Key ID).
A user may obtain the ElecKey software. But, after activation, it will totally be a different system from yours. When running the Inspector, for example, it will not see the Key of your system having a different Key ID. So it is important that you keep your Activation Key safe.
Note that the ElecKey trial license is assigned the Key ID 1111111111. You should use the trial copy for evaluation purposes only and should not distribute your software protected by the trial ElecKey. In this case, other users can have the same evaluation system as yours. But when you activated the registered ElecKey license, you now have a unique Key system that is different from other ElecKey users.