Can a USB dongle be cloned to another USB dongle?

When you use ElecKey to make a USB Key dongle, it creates a hidden, read-only Key file on the drive. The Key contains the unique ID of the drive that cannot be changed. The system protects against cloning the USB dongle, as the copied Key file will have the unique ID mismatch to the actual ID of the drive.
The user may attempt to clone the Key file from one to another dongle. This will be failed because the copied Key will have the unique ID of the old dongle, and doesn't match the actual unique ID of the new dongle.
Another question would be 'Can a USB drive be cloned to another with the exact same unique ID?' In general, the unique ID is set by the manufacturer, so it is not easy to clone USB drives. However, we (and other software protection vendors) cannot say the protection is 100% safe. There could be sophisticated means out they’re attempting to hack the protection, even the high-end product.
As mentioned above, our system has the mechanisms in place to protect against and deter any attempt to hack or clone the USB dongle, to make it as difficult as possible.