UpdateShield Builder Console

Besides the standard interface, UpdateShield Builder is also available in the console mode, or called a command line program that does not use the Windows graphical user interface. An advantage of the console mode is that you can include UpdateShield Builder as one of the stages in the build process. Therefore, you can automatically create all index files, as well as the Online Installer.


To run UpdateShield Builder in the console mode, you must first create a project file to be passed as an input parameter. The project file can be created by running UpdateShield Builder in the standard GUI mode.


The following is the UpdateShield Builder Console command usage.


Usage: USBLDCON <Project File> <Options>


Project File: The project file created by UpdateShield Builder (GUI)


    “/version <Version Number>” = Version number of the software (e.g.

    “/build <Target Type>”   = The target type to build

         Target Type:

                AllIndex = To build all index files

                ClientIndex = To build Client Side index file

                ServerIndex = To build Server Side index file

                OnlineInstaller = To build Online Installer



USBLDCON “MyProject.upj”

To run USBLDCON with the options:

USBLDCON “MyProject.upj” “/version” “/build allindex”

To Create a Project File from UpdateShield Builder

1.       Run UpdateShield Builder (Bin\UsBld.exe).

2.       From the File menu, click New to create a new project.

3.       Specify the properties and settings as you want.

4.       From the File menu, click Save Project to save the project file.