Transferring  License

The license of UpdateShield is machine specific and transferable. That is, the license allows you to use one copy of UpdateShield at a time. You are allowed to transfer the license to any computer where you want to use UpdateShield. The license transfer is achieved through the activation server in which your computer must have an Internet connection. When you perform the transfer, your UpdateShield license is deactivated and the license is sent to and saved on the server. On the other computer, you can activate UpdateShield with your Activation Key to retrieve the license from the activation server.


Note that if you plan to upgrade your computer such as BIOS, hard drive, Ethernet adapter, etc., it is recommended that you transfer the UpdateShield license to the activation server first. This is because a hardware change could be perceived as a different computer and could cause the license to be voided. After the upgrade, you can reactivate your UpdateShield to retrieve the license from the activation server.

To Transfer License

1.     Start UpdateShield Integrator, and then click the About button. The About dialog box appears.

2.     Click the Transfer button. The License Transfer dialog box appears.

3.     Enter your Activation Key and click the Transfer button.

4.     A message “The license has successfully been transferred” is displayed.