Online Installer

Besides interfacing with the application for automatic software update, you can also build the Updater as an Online Installer that can run individually. The Online Installer is a small program with embedded script files that can automatically download the setup file and execute it to perform software installation. The Online Installer can also perform automatic update to check for the new software version.


The Online Installer (and Updater) includes the download resume capability that is especially needed for downloading large setup files. It can resume unfinished download due to any reason such as lost connections, slow servers, computer shutdowns, etc. The resume capability can restart the download in the middle, without having to restart all over again.


You can build the Online Installer by using UpdateShield Builder, which you can specify the options and include your script files. The created Online Installer is a single EXE file with the embedded Client Side index file and script files. When the Online Installer finishes downloading, the embedded script files will be extracted and run automatically in the folder of the downloaded file.