Key Features

         Quick and Easy - No Programming Needed. The wizard style makes it very simple and easy to add automatic update capabilities into your application. There is no need to modify any single line of source code. You can create a new version of your application with the automatic update capability within a few minutes.

         Windows Application Types Supported. UpdateShield supports various Windows application types, from Win32, Win64, to .NET applications.

         Support for Full Update and Patch Update. You can configure the Updater how to handle the update. As a full update, the Updater can uninstall the application and execute the new setup package. As a patch update, the Updater can run a script to patch the update.

         Online Installer. You can build the Updater as an Online Installer, a small program with embedded scripts that can automatically download the setup package and perform software installation. The Online Installer can also perform automatic update to check for new software version.

         Download Resume Capability. The Updater includes the download resume capability that is especially needed for downloading large setup files. It can resume unfinished download due to any reason such as lost connections, slow servers, etc., without having to restart all over again.

         Support for HTTP and FTP Download. You can specify the protocol used to download the update, either HTTP or FTP. In addition, the Updater can automatically get the settings of proxy IP address and port number from Internet Explorer (IE).

         Code Protection against Reverse Engineering. Besides an automatic update system, UpdateShield also offers code protection to safeguard your application against decompilation and reverse engineering. Its shell protection encrypts the executable's code section, and implements algorithms to protect against debugging, tracing, code modification, and virus infection.

         .NET Encryption/Protection. The UpdateShield shell protection provides encryption to secure manages assemblies against disassembly and reverse engineering. It can encrypt the whole managed assembly inside the shell protection, which is to be decrypted only just before the run time.

         UpdateCheck API. The UpdateCheck API Offers a higher level of flexibility and seamless integration to develop your application with the automatic update capability. You can customize the Update style, update notification, install confirmation, or add the 'Check for Updates' menu in your application.

         UpdateCheck and .NET Class Library. The UpdateCheck Class Library provides high-level programming classes that allow you to take advantage of OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) to develop your application with automatic update capability. The Class Library for popular compilers are provided, which include C#, VB.NET, VC.NET, VB, VC++, Delphi, and C++ Builder.

         UpdateCheck .NET Component. The UpdateCheck .NET Component includes a powerful component that allows you to easily add automatic update capabilities into your .NET application, in a visual programming environment. The component is fully integrated with Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

         Software Update Server. Also included in UpdateShield is the Update Server. It provides a software update solution that enables you to extend the manageability of software updates available to the users. For instance, you can deploy update subscription to allow the update to be available to the valid users only.

         Local Update Server. The Update Server can also be deployed as a local update server to automatically download the updates from the software update server and cache them locally. This solution allows you to control your organization's access to the updates, and can help to reduce unnecessary Internet bandwidth usage. The solution also works great when your application is protected and licensed as floating network license by the ElecKey Product.