Verifying the Destroy-Code

In some cases, you may instruct the end-user to destroy the Harddisk Key on his PC. For instance, you wish to distribute a new software version but no longer allow the end-user to run the old version.


The end-user can destroy the Harddisk Key by using the Destroy utility program. Once the Harddisk Key is destroyed, the program generates a Destroy-Code. You can ensure that the end-user has indeed destroyed the Harddisk Key by asking the end-user for the Destroy-Code and verify it.



1.     Run LicenseKey Manager.


2.     From the Tools menu, select Verify Destroy-Code. The Verify Destroy-Code dialog box appears.


3.     Enter the Destroy-Code you receive in the provided field. Then, click the Verify button.


4.     If the Destroy-Code is true, the dialog box shows the date/time stamp, Program ID and User ID of the Harddisk Key destroyed.


note NOTE: The Destroy-Code has the following format: <Registration ID>-<Code>. <Registration ID> is the Registration ID of the destroyed Key. <Code> encodes date/time stamp, Key ID, Program ID and User ID of the destroyed Key.