Tutorials: Activation Server

This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to protect and license your application using the license activation solution. It also includes how to deploy the Activation Server to provide the activation licensing service for both online and offline (via web-based activation, email, phone, etc.). There are different ways you can use the Activation Server to manage licensing of your application. The followings are the common scenarios.


         Simple Activation Licensing

         Pre-Generated Activation Licensing

The Activation Server can provide activation licensing service for the application protected as Machine License, USB License, and Mobile License. In this tutorial, we assume that your application is protected as Machine License. If you want to protect your application as USB License or Mobile License, you can apply the same settings described in this tutorial.



noteNOTE: If you use the ElecKey trial version, you do not need to install the Activation Server. You can access the live demo Activation Server, which is available online at:


Username: Administrator

Password: Administrator


noteNOTE: The live demo Activation Server is provided for evaluation and testing purposes only. It only serves the application protected by the ElecKey trial version, specifically using the Key ID of 1111111111. If you already registered the license, your ElecKey (as well as your protected application) will have a unique Key ID. Then, you must deploy your Activation Server, which has the same unique Key ID.