Transferring License

The ElecKey license is node-locked to the machine. If you plan to move your ElecKey license to another machine or upgrade your computer such as BIOS, hard drive, Ethernet adapter, it is recommended that you should deactivate your ElecKey license first. So you can keep your license activation credits for future use. The license deactivation requires an Internet connection, and it also transfers the license to the server. Later on, or on another machine, you can use your Activation Key to activate the ElecKey license again.


In case you want to move your ElecKey to another machine, you may also want to back up the data such as user registration and licenses, template files, etc. You can locate the data from the folders below.





On your new machine, you can restore the data by placing files to the same ElecKey folders.

To Transfer License

1.       Start ElecKey Integrator, and then click the About button. Alternatively, start LicenseKey Manager or Key Inspector, and then select About from the Help menu. The About dialog box appears.

2.       Click the Transfer button. The License Transfer dialog box appears.

3.       Enter your Activation Key and click the Transfer button.

4.       A message “The license has successfully been transferred” is displayed.