Testing MyCommerce KeyGen

You can test the MyCommerce KeyGen with the Activation Server installed on your server, or using our live demo Activation Server. Before starting, please ensure that you have created a product in the Products table that its EcommerceProdID1 field matches the Product ID used in your MyCommerce order processing system.


You can easily test the MyCommerce KeyGen using our live demo Activation Server by visiting the following web page:




This key generator tester web page simulates the MyCommerce order processing system that makes a HTTPS POST request to the MyCommerce KeyGen. After filling out the form and click the Submit button, the MyCommerce KeyGen will display the Activation Key returned from the Activation Server. You can also check the result by logging on to Activation Manager and find the newly added account in the Accounts table.


noteNOTE: The MyCommerce KeyGen records errors to the ShareIt_KeyGen_Err.log file in the Database\ folder. To diagnose a problem, you can find more details from the log file.

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