System Image File

The System Image File (.SIF) is an encrypted binary file that contains all of the protection settings. It is the only parameter needed when using the Instant KeyCheck API. You can create the System Image file by using the ElecKey Integrator tool.

To Create System Image File

1.       Run the Integrator utility. The wizard dialog box appears.

2.       In the Select Application License Type dialog, select one of the Computer Application licenses. Then, click the Next button.

3.       In the Select Integration Task page, select Create System Image for Instant KeyCheck API. Then, click the Next button.

4.       Follow the dialog boxes and specify the settings and options as you want.

5.       In the Summary page, click the Integrate button. The Create System Image dialog box appears.

6.       In the System Image File edit box, enter the file name you want to save the System Image file. Then, click the OK button.

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