Roam Utility

The Roam utility (ROAM.EXE) is the necessary tool when you allow roaming licenses in the network licensing deployment. It allows the user to check out (or borrow) a license from and return it to the NKLS. The user can specify the wanted borrowing period, but not more than the allowed max-roam property defined in the Network Key. Then, the user can disconnect from the network and temporarily use the application off-site (e.g. for 15 days).

At the end of the borrowing period, the roaming license is automatically returned to the NKLS, even if the user is still disconnected from the NKLS. During the borrowing period, if the user runs the application and has access to the NKLS, the roaming license is restarted automatically. In other words, a new borrowing period is extended. This helps to facilitate commuter users who often use the application between on/off-site, home/office, etc. So they donít need to check out the license frequently.


You can create the Roam utility by using LicenseKey Manager or USB LicenseKey Manager, under the Tools menu. Or, you may also create the Roam utility using the KeyCheck API. See the provided code examples in the folders:




Since the Roam utility needs to connect to the NKLS, it must be ensured that the Network Key configuration file (NETKEY.INI) is placed in the same folder with the proper settings of the NKLS address and port number.