License Update Broadcast

License update broadcast enables new licensing solutions that can provide a very efficient way to manage licenses of the application. Specifically, using the broadcast method, you can simply distribute one single file to all users to update their licenses. License update broadcast is very useful for software subscription licensing. For example, the subscribed users are allowed to use the application as long as they pay a subscription fee. At the end of the month, all subscribed users receive a license update file. Those who pay the fee will have their User IDs listed in the license update file that can renew the subscription.


License update broadcast is provided by the Remote Key Update Broadcast (RKUB) feature. This feature allows you to remotely access the Key of the protected application that is already distributed to the user, via the Remote Key Update (RKU) file. During license registration or activation, you must assign a User ID to the user. You can then create the RKU file that includes the list of User IDs and their Key Properties. With this feature enabled, the protected application checks Key Properties from the RKU file, instead of from the Key.

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