NetKeyManager .NET Component

The NetKeyManager .NET Component is a powerful and easy-to-use component for developing an application to monitor and control the NKLS service process. Using the component, you can customize and personalize your application (similar to the provided NetKey Manager GUI) that can access and monitor the NKLS on the server remotely through the network.

Component Library and Code Examples

The NetKeyManager .NET Component library is available in the following directory:




For detailed information, please refer to the Readme file:




The code examples on how to use the NetKeyManager .NET Component are available in the following directory:




For increased security, it is recommended that you merge the NetKeyManager .NET Component library (NRM.COMP.DLL) to your application before distribution. You can do so by using Microsoft ILMerge, which is a utility for merging multiple .NET assemblies into a single .NET assembly. It is available via the following link:


To create a setup package for distributing your NetKeyManager application, please ensure to include the following ElecKey system files:


         Ekc3220.dll (in \Deploy\Win32App\KeyCheck\)

         Ekc6420.dll (in \Deploy\x64\KeyCheck\)

         Nkag20.exe (in \Deploy\Win32App\Network\)

         Netkey.ini (Network Key configuration file)


The above system files must be placed in the same directory as your program file. Note that the user must edit the Network Key configuration file (NETKEY.INI) with the proper settings of the NKLS address and port number.


You must assign a username and password to the NKLS for authentication before you can use your NetKeyManager application from a workstation to logon and monitor the NKLS. You can do so through the NKLS user interface or through the NKLS configuration file NKLS.INI, as the following example.






Note that, when running the NKLS with GUI, the default NKLS.INI file is saved in the folder:




When running the NKLS as a service, depending on the Windows version, the default NKLS.INI is saved in one of the following folders: