LicenseKey Manager - Network Tab

Specify properties for the Network Key, which resides on the NetKey License Server.


Specify the maximum number of network licenses allowed, which include both concurrent network users and roaming users. Enable the Unlimited checkbox to allow unlimited network licenses.


noteNOTE: When generating License Key for an upgrade to the existing network license (e.g. updating licensing properties, enabling the roaming license), you can disable the Max-User checkbox to preserve the Max-User already defined in the existing Network Key.

Network Boundary

Specify the network boundary in which the Network Key can be accessed from the clients running the protected application.

         Local/Internetwork. The Network Key can be accessed from the clients on any networks, including local, internetwork, or the Internet.

         Local Network. The Network Key can only be accessed from the clients on the same IP sub network.

IP Address Restriction

Specify the type of IP addresses that are allowed to access the Network Key.


         Public/Private. There is no restriction. The clients can use any IP addresses.

         Private. Only the clients using private IP addresses are allowed to access the Network Key. Valid private IP addresses include:


Specify the maximum roaming period that the user can check out (or borrow) a network license. Select Disable if roaming network licenses are not allowed.