License Key

When receiving a Registration ID from the user, you can use the ElecKey licensing tools (such as LicenseKey Manager or Activation Server) to decode the Key ID and Program ID, and identify the application. You can specify Key Properties that define the licensing properties of the application. When generating the License Key, the Key ID, Program ID, sum of Registration ID, and Key Properties are encoded together. Similar to Registration ID, License Key is a series of capital letters (e.g. 337Q55N4UHMEMXB17Y8NLJ). The size (number of letters) of the License Key varies depending on the values of Key Properties.   


When the user enters the License Key to the protected application, the Key ID, Program ID, and sum of Registration ID are decoded and verified against the Key system. If the License Key is valid, Key Properties are decoded and updated to the Key. Besides, the License Key is saved in the Key and the license mode of the Key is changed to registered (or licensed). If the License Key contains the evaluation flag, the License Key is not saved in the Key and the license mode of the Key remains as unregistered.