KeyCheck API Function for Windows Mobile

The KeyCheck API for Windows Mobile is a collection of functions that allow you to integrate the software protection and licensing system into your mobile application. The API functions are listed in the tables below. For more details, see the KeyCheck API Reference.


Note that the functions can also be referred to by their hex name (e.g. H35), in addition to their function name (e.g. GetErrStr). An advantage of using the hex name is that the function name is rendered meaningless. Decompilation would result in source code that is difficult to understand. Using the hex name is recommended especially for .NET applications that obfuscation is necessary to protect the code.


Main Functions

GetErrStr, H35

Gets the string of Error Code returned by the KeyCheck API functions.

Licensing Functions

InitLicKey, H5A

Initiates the Initial License Key.

CheckLicKey, H5C

Checks the License Key in the Key.

PutLicKey, H5B

Decodes the License Key into Key Properties and puts them into the Key.

Key Interface Functions

GetKeyProperties, H39

Gets Key Properties of the Key.

GetKeyData, H3A

Gets 64-byte Key Data from the Key.

PutKeyData, H3B

Puts 64-byte data to Key Data of the Key.

UpdateLimitKey, H3C

Checks and updates the limitations to the Key.

Utility Functions

TransferLicense, H5E

Generates a new License Key for transferring the license from one to another machine.

DestroyLicense, H5F

Destroys the license of the Key.

RemakeLicense, H60

Remakes the license of the Key.

Security Enhancement Functions

SetKeyValue, H78

Set the Key Value of the Key.

GetKeyValue, H79

Gets the value of the specified key.