Key Inspector for Multiplatform Apps

Key Inspector is a development tool that allows you to inspect the Key system implemented on the machine. The tool is particularly useful during the development phase of an application. It searches and lists all the Keys found on the machine. It also displays the status of the Key, including Program ID and Key Properties. So you can easily keep track of the license status and see if the protected application works as expected.


On your PC, you can start Key Inspector from the ElecKey program folder. For Mac, Key Inspector is available on KeyCheck SDK for macOS. To run Key Inspector on your Mac, see Key Inspector for macOS.


note NOTE: During the development and testing of your application, it is recommended to run the Key Inspector tool to keep track of the license status. You should also use the Inspector to destroy any existing Key before starting each new test. This will ensure that no old Key gets mixed up in subsequent tests.


note NOTE: When using the Key Inspector to destroy the Key, it completely removes the Key system and makes your machine fresh as if the Key never existed. So you can easily test the protected application in the user environment on your machine, without having to do it on another machine.