Interfacing the KeyCheck API for Windows Mobile

When you activate your ElecKey license, it is assigned a unique Key ID that makes your ElecKey system unique and different from all other users of ElecKey. Therefore, you can ensure that your protected application can only be licensed (or unlocked) by your ElecKey system.


Prior to interfacing the KeyCheck API, you must obtain a number of values from your ElecKey system. They include Key ID and Key ID Ex1, and initial License Key that will be used as the parameters for the API.


note NOTE: When you try ElecKey with an evaluation key, it will be assigned the same Key ID of 1111111111. You should use the trial ElecKey for evaluation purposes only and should NOT distribute your software protected by the trial ElecKey. Your software could be at risk because any trial users will have same system to generate licenses to unlock your software.

Key ID and Key ID Ex1

The Key ID is, in other words, the unique ID of your ElecKey system. The Key ID Ex1 is the extension, which is optional and available in ElecKey licensed with the UpdateShield feature.

To Get Key ID and Key ID Ex1

1.       Run ElecKey Integrator. The wizard dialog box appears.

2.       Click the About button.

3.       In the About dialog box, click the Status button. Both Key ID and Key ID Ex1 are listed in the Status dialog box.

Initial License Key

The initial License Key is the parameter needed when implementing Machine License. It encodes the Key ID, Program ID, and Key Properties that define the initial license of the application. When the protected application is started for the first time, it uses this parameter to create the Key on the hard drive.

To Generate an Initial License Key

1.       Run ElecKey Integrator. The wizard dialog box appears.

2.       In the Select Application License Type dialog, select Mobile License.

3.       In the Select Integration Task dialog, select Generate Initiate Codes for KeyCheck API.

4.       Follow the instructions on the wizard dialogs until finish.