Init Key Utility

The Init Key utility (INITKEY.EXE) is the necessary tool when you deploy the USB License Key as a node-locked dongle. It allows the user to initialize and tie the USB dongle to a specific machine. The initialization saves the machine hardware signatures to the Key on the USB dongle, which will be verified when the protected application detects the Key. Besides, it also decrements initialization credit by one.


To move the USB dongle between machines, the user must uninitialize the USB dongle from the current machine first by using the Init Key utility. Uninitialization also returns an initialization credit back to the USB dongle. In case that the user moves the USB dongle to another machine without uninitialization, it will be seen as invalid. The user may use the utility to initialize and overwrite the invalid initialized USB dongle, only up to the limit allowed.


You can create the Init Key utility by using USB LicenseKey Manager, under the Tools menu. Or, you may also create the Init Key utility using the KeyCheck API. See the provided code examples in the folders:



Command Line Interface

Besides the standard GUI (Graphical User Interface), the Init Key utility is also available in the CLI (Command Line Interface) mode. The CLI or console mode is particularly useful that you can create a batch or script to run the utility in silent mode to initialize the USB dongle automatically, for instance, during software installation.


Below is the command usage.


Usage: INITKEY <Commands>



/ik = Initialize the machine signatures to the Key

/uk = Uninitialize the machine signatures from the Key

/de = Display error message

/dc = Display confirmation message

/df = Display finish message


To run the Init Key utility in silent mode:


To run the Init Key utility with all response messages:

INITKEY /ik /de /dc /df


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