Generating the License Key

When the protected application has reached a defined limit on Key Properties or the end-user activates the registration, the locking system displays a Registration ID. This requires the end-user to send you the Registration ID and request the License Key. Generating the License Key allows you to define new Key Properties for the distributed application. When you send the License Key to the end-user and it is applied, the Key is updated with the new Key Properties. The protected application then operates under the updated license.


1.     Run LicenseKey Manager.


2.     From the Key Properties pane, fill the Registration ID you receive in the Registration ID field. Then, click the Check button.


3.     In the Main tab, select the Implementation and Limit for the protected application as you wish.


4.     Click the Generate button. The License Key is shown in the License Key field.



When the end-user receives and applies this License Key, the protected application will operate under the updated license.