Deploying Automatic Software Update

The automatic software update feature provides the ability for the application to check for updates, download, and do the installation automatically. It also includes automatic license update that enables the application to validate and update the license on the server periodically and automatically. The feature is provided through the Updater agent (UPDSHL10.EXE) that interfaces with the application. Besides, it needs the Client Side index file, which is an XML file that describes the version and properties. For more information about the feature and how to create the Client Side index file, see the Automatic Software Update section.


The table below lists the needed system files for the protected application with the automatic software update feature. These system files (including the Client Side index file) must be placed in the same folder as the protected executable.


Application Type : OS

System Files

Available in Directory

Win32/.NET : Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4.0/ 2000/XP/2003/ Vista (x86/x64)





Win64/.NET : Windows XP/2003 /Vista (x64)






note NOTE: The automatic software update feature is available in ElecKey PLUS editions, or when you have upgraded the standard ElecKey license to add the UpdateShield feature.