Configuring Activation Server for ShareIt KeyGen

To ensure security, you can restrict access to the ShareIt KeyGen from specific server addresses only. You can edit the Web.Config file to add a range of allowed IP addresses via the values of ShareItAddressStart and ShareItAddressEnd. If both values are left blank, the ShareIt KeyGen can be accessed from any IP addresses.


noteNOTE: The Share-it! server addresses currently range from to However, please consult the Share-it! Key Generator SDK document for the latest information as this address space might change in the future.


To Edit the Web.Config File

1.       Use an editor to open the Web.Config file from the following directory: \ACTIVATIONSERVER\PRECOMPILEDWEB\MANAGER

2.       Edit the following XML tags for the allowed range of IP addresses:

<add key="ShareItIPAddressStart" value=""/>

<add key="ShareItAddressEnd" value=""/>

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