Configuring Activation Server for PayPal KeyGen

To configure the Activation Server to work with the PayPal KeyGen, you must edit the Web.Config file to add the PayPal IPN settings. In addition, you must add your outgoing (SMTP) email server settings for sending the order confirmation email with the Activation Key to the customer.

To Edit the Web.Config File

1.       Use an editor to open the Web.Config file from the following directory:


2.       Edit the following XML tags for the PayPal IPN settings:

<add key="PayPalPostBackURL" value=""/>

<add key="PayPalReceiverEmail" value=""/>


Where The PayPal Sandbox postback URL, used for testing the integration.

To switch to use the live PayPal site, edit the postback URL to: Your receiver email that you registered with PayPal.


3.       Edit the outgoing (SMTP) email server settings. See the topic SMTP Configuration.


noteNOTE: You can use the provided Activation Server utility (available in \ActivationServer\Util\ASUtil.exe) to help configure and verify that your SMTP settings are correct. If you can send an email from the utility successfully, you can use the same settings in the Web.Config file.


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