The Activation Server solution is a web-based application that is developed in C# using the LicenseGen SDK, with ASP.NET Framework 4.5. The solution is designed to support activation licensing service in various scenarios, from the basics such as license activation to advanced features such as license deactivation, license upgrade, and interfacing with ecommerce providers. In most cases, you can just deploy the Activation Server and it would fit all your needs. But, if you have any specific needs, the solution is also customizable. The full source code is provided, which allows you to modify or extend its functionality as you want.


The Activation Server solution includes the following three components:


         Activation Manager is a web-based application that serves as the control panel for the Activation Server.

         Activation Web Service provides methods based on SOAP and XML that allow the protected application to request for license activation.

         Activation Client is a utility that enables the protected application to activate the license through the Activation Server.


When deploying the Activation Server, you basically install the Activation Manager and the Activation Web Service on to a server, and create an activation database. This database primarily contains information about the activation accounts and the software products you offer.


In most cases, you do not need the Activation Client. You can easily enable the license activation functionality in the protected application. The use of Activation Client is optional, when you want to provide advanced licensing features such as license deactivation, license upgrade, etc.