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5 Stars Rating: A superb product.


ElecKey is a very flexible product that easily met all of my needs and more than met my expectations. I tried other software protection packages and this one tops them all. The value for money is unbeatable.

Customer support and on-line technical help are absolutely superb! 11 out of 10!


None that I have come across.


I would recommend this product without reservation. It is customizable, and it has an excellent set of features. For me, it is a pleasure to work with - both the product and the people behind it.

5 Stars Rating: Best software protection on the market


The best all-in-one solution on the market.

Quick and easy online activation

Easy too use for beginners or advanced users

The best price if you compare software solutions


None for me.


I love the way the software works and when support show me how to use the web activation it was quick and easy. For me I love the dongel solution and the online web activation. I bought the Enterprise package because is a comprehensive solution. Belevie me I have done a good amount of study time and did many hours research. This is the best alrounder-best price and best product on the market.

5 Stars Rating: A robust, secure & complete licensing solution.


-Highly customizable

-Supports several licensing schemas

-Supports all Windows platforms (Windows Server, Workstation, Mobile)

-Offers a secure method to verify, register & lock-down licenses.

-Comprises of both a Online & a Local licensing schema.


NONE. In all honestly, after testing several Licensing products, I could not find a flaw with Eleckey (my companies licensing implementation was across several platforms & utilized both an online & a local schema).


I am software developer by profession. After thoroughly examining the various licensing packages available online, Eleckey is the best solution available. It is highly customizable, offers a secure method for license verification & is equipped with tools that make registration monitoring a breeze. The various licensing schemas that Eleckey is customizable for can be implemented on several platforms comprising of multiple servers, workstations, and Windows Mobile devices. And the best part is that is extremely cost effective for all its features.

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I have used Eleckey 2.0 Internet Plus. It's very good.

Eleckey has some other variants also to meet your business needs. I think it provides all the features that one may require for licensing.

Apart from licensing, the Plus version includes Automatic Software Update Manager, Which i think actually is a Plus for Eleckey. I know that it's not that difficult to develop the Automatic Update feature on own, but It's good if can you get it readily available with licensing solution.

I have tested many features, including auto update, and I am satisfied with it.

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Customer support and on-line technical help are absolutely superb! 11 out of 10! For me, it is a pleasure to work with - both the product and the people behind it.

B. Brezden, Canada

Thank You for your help. You have a great product and great customer service. I will highly recommend your products and services.

T. Dille, USA

As I tell others, you people are the best, the very best. Thank you,

M. Jordan, USA

ElecKey is a really "Brilliant" product. Still impresses me about the security solutions that you come up with. Probably the best security product I've come across.

Joseph R., Australia

The support has been responsive the few times I needed them and they have been helpful.

Lance R., USA