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We strive to develop professional software security products that offer a reliable and complete solution to meet your needs and expectations.
Offering software protection and licensing solution since 1997.
Over 25 years of expertise and experience.
Customers in over 70 countries worldwide.

Our Brief History and Milestones

In 1997, we launched our first software copy protection product based on diskette (or floppy disk) for MS DOS and legacy Windows 3.1/95 applications.
As we entered a new era of the Internet and electronic software distribution in the early 2000s, we launched ElecKey 1.0. It offered software-based copy protection that allowed software developers and publishers to distribute software and manage licenses easily and securely over the Internet.
While ElecKey 1.0 was a success, the industry was demanding a more comprehensive solution. In the late 2000s, we launched ElecKey 2.0 with a whole new design and architecture. ElecKey 2.0 was a suite of software and tools that provided a complete solution for software copy protection and license management, including node-locked license, floating network license, automatic online activation, and more.
UpdateShield 1.0 was later launched as a companion product to ElecKey 2.0. It provided a solution for automatic update and software update management. The UpdateShield features were also integrated into ElecKey, which was called ElecKey PLUS. The integration enabled ElecKey PLUS to offer a more powerful software license and update management solution including automatic license update and validation, as well as software subscription.
In the early years of mobile evolution, ElecKey 2.0 Release 5 was launched to extend its software protection and licensing solution from the Windows desktop platform to support Windows Mobile OS. Although Microsoft later moved to the new Windows Phone platform, Windows Mobile remained for specialized mobile applications.
In the early 2010s, ElecKey 2.0 Release 7 added the USB dongle-based software protection and licensing solution. It offered a unique feature that you can make your own USB license dongles from USB flash drives. As a result, ElecKey 2.0 R7 can support any types of copy protection and licensing schemes, including node-locked, USB dongle, floating network licenses, and different combinations.
As Apple Mac OS X gained further traction in the market, we responded to customer demands with the launch of ElecKey 2.0 Release 8. It offered the cross operating-system solution that allowed you to protect the application running on Windows and Mac OS X under an integrated license management system.
As we headed towards a new decade in our business, we would like to thank all our customers over the past 25 years. Through the experiences from you all (customer support cases, suggestions, comments, etc.), we listened. This had brought us to the launch of ElecKey R9 (Release 9). It was the most reliable and complete system ever made. ElecKey R9 also added the roaming network licensing solution, which was one of the most requested features from our customers.
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