ElecKey 2.0 Release 8

An even better release offering an even more complete solution for software security, copy protection, and license management.

NEW in ElecKey 2.0 R8

Integrated Software copy Protection and

Licensing Solution for Windows & Mac OS X

ElecKey Team Manager

The tool allows you to manage your ElecKey license and grant permission for different teams to use only certain tools and features. So the security of your software is never compromised.

ElecKey software and tools include:
ElecKey Integrator KeyCheck API KeyCheck SDK for Mac OS X KeyCheck Mobile ElecKey Team Manager
LicenseKey Manager LicenseGen SDK USB LicenseKey Manager NetKey License Server Activation Server

Latest News

Dec 15, 2014

Added KeyCheck Java Library »

Added Connect-Less dongle »

Sep 24, 2014

New License Key version LK2.0.8.24 »

Added new feature Genuine License Validation »

Activation Server added product upgrade with PayPal integration »

Jul 15, 2014

UpdateShield Builder revamped as a software update management tool »

LicenseGen SDK added the web service »

Apr 22, 2014

Added node-locked USB License Key »

Improved licensing system to support multi-year period limit »

Activation Server added Managed Expiration and ManagedExecution features »

Jan 20, 2014

Updated HTML Dialog Box for 64-bit Windows applications »

Activation Server added multiple email templates and more tags »

Aug 19, 2013

ElecKey 2.0 R8 launched, with the new ElecKey MAX edition for Mac OS X »

KeyCheck API offers cross-platform support for Windows and Mac OS X »

Added ElecKey Team Manager for managing ElecKey license for teams »

Activation Server added Upgrade table »

Jun 25, 2013

ElecKey Integrator added option for shell protection optimization »

Added Key location on User Profile »

Copy Protection

software copy protection, node-locked license, USB dongle license, floating network license

Our copy protection solution offers the technology that enables you to protect your software against illegal copy, piracy, and reverse engineering. It also allows you to enforce software licensing more practically and effectively.

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 Win32/64, .NET, ASP.NET, and Mac OS X

 Legacy MS DOS, Win16, Win Mobile

 Instant protection - No coding needed!

 Code protection & encryption

 Node-locked license

 USB dongle license

 Make your own USB dongles - Unlimited!

 Floating network license - Concurrent

 users, Terminal Server, ASP.NET sessions

License Management

software license management, trial, time-based, feature-based, online activation, web-based, offline activation, ecommerce integration

License management offers the solution that allows you to manage licenses and gain full control in every stage of software distribution, from registration, activation, transfer, upgrade, blacklist, to ecommerce integration.

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 Trial, time-based, feature-based,

 usage-based, subscription licenses

 Registration & serial key licensing

 Online license activation

 Web-based & offline activation

 Automatic license update/validation

 Ecommerce integration (e.g. PayPal)

 Activation Server

 LicenseGen SDK

Software Update

automatic software update, automatic download resume, online installer creation, update subscription, local update server

Software update offers the solution to enhance software with the ability to check for updates automatically. The solution also provides the Update Server that allows you to manage the updates easily and more efficiently.

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 Instant integration - No coding needed!

 Smart updater with automatic download

 resume capability

 Online installer creation

 Simple deployment via XML file

 Advanced deployment via Update Server

 Software update subscription

 Update history log

 Local update server